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Awareness Wednesday

On Wednesday, February 7, 2024, we at Gladstone Airport Corporation proudly launched ‘Awareness Wednesday’, a mental health initiative aimed at breaking down barriers and sparking conversations.

Every Wednesday, our entire team comes together in solidarity, each member proudly wearing their TradeMutt shirts. These shirts, originally designed to help tradespeople express their true feelings, have become a beacon of our commitment to ensuring mental health is no longer a silent struggle.

The vibrant colours of the TradeMutt shirts not only catch the eye but also serve as a powerful visual reminder of the importance of open dialogue about mental health. The shirts have garnered significant recognition and have played a crucial role in promoting the need for conversation.
Each shirt features a QR code conveniently located in the left-hand pocket, which leads directly to TIACS – a free mental health counselling service catering to tradies, truckies, rural and blue-collar workers.
Alongside these efforts, we are currently partnering with local agencies to equip our staff with the necessary skills to identify and engage effectively with those dealing with mental health issues.

At Gladstone Airport Corporation, we believe in making a difference. We remain hopeful and committed to supporting those affected by mental health issues, one Wednesday at a time.

TradeMutt is a social impact workwear brand, by tradies for tradies. We make funky eye-catching work wear designed to start conversations about mental health among the blue collar community, helping make an invisible issue impossible to ignore.

You can learn more about them (and purchase workwear) on their website or by watching their video below. 



If you  or a loved one need immediate support, Lifeline provides a listening ear and telephone crisis support 24/7 on 13 11 14.
You can find other supports and tools here:


This Is A Conversation Starter (TIACS) is the name of the not-for-profit mental health support service funded by TradeMutt. TIACS is a text and call service providing access to mental health clinicians in a free and easy to use way, helping to remove the physical and financial barriers that prevent so many Australians from reaching out for help when they need it. So far TradeMutt has funded 2663 hours of support, and we are just getting started!

Get in contact with the TIACS team on 0488 846 988 or visit their website at