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Arrivals and Departures

You can check on scheduled flights via the list below. 

If you’d like to see where your friends or family are en route to Gladstone, visit or download Flight Radar 24.

actual_time Flight Number Connecting Airlines Arrival Time Gate Number Arriving From alternate_remark_one airline codeshare_airlines leg operational_date Status scheduled_time trip_number
VA1709 EY6322,QR7145,SQ6476 24/06/2024 11:13 AM 1 Brisbane VA EY,QR,SQ A 24/06/2024 24/06/2024 11:15 AM 0
QF2334 EK5548,NZ7466 24/06/2024 02:35 PM 3 Brisbane QF EK,NZ A 24/06/2024 24/06/2024 02:35 PM 0
QF1944 NZ7121 24/06/2024 05:55 PM 3 Brisbane QF NZ A 24/06/2024 24/06/2024 05:55 PM 0
QF1909 NZ7124 24/06/2024 08:50 PM 3 Brisbane QF NZ A 24/06/2024 24/06/2024 08:50 PM 0
QF1900 NZ7102 Brisbane QF NZ A 25/06/2024 25/06/2024 06:55 AM 0
QF1940 NZ7118 Brisbane QF NZ A 25/06/2024 25/06/2024 09:40 AM 0
Flight Number Connecting Airlines alternate_remark_one Gate Number Boarding Time Gate Closing Time airline codeshare_airlines estimated_time leg Destination operational_date Status scheduled_boarding_time scheduled_time trip_number
QF1941 NZ7261 Departed 3 QF NZ 24/06/2024 10:20 AM D Brisbane 24/06/2024 Departed 24/06/2024 10:00 AM 24/06/2024 10:20 AM 0
VA1712 EY6449,QR4264,SQ6475 1 VA EY,QR,SQ 24/06/2024 11:50 AM D Brisbane 24/06/2024 24/06/2024 11:30 AM 24/06/2024 11:50 AM 0
QF2335 EK5601,NZ7291 3 QF EK,NZ 24/06/2024 03:00 PM D Brisbane 24/06/2024 24/06/2024 02:35 PM 24/06/2024 03:00 PM 0
QF1945 NZ7266 3 QF NZ 24/06/2024 06:35 PM D Brisbane 24/06/2024 24/06/2024 06:15 PM 24/06/2024 06:35 PM 0
QF1923 NZ7259 QF NZ D Brisbane 25/06/2024 25/06/2024 06:35 AM 0
QF1902 NZ7260 QF NZ D Brisbane 25/06/2024 25/06/2024 07:45 AM 0
QF1941 NZ7261 QF NZ D Brisbane 25/06/2024 25/06/2024 10:20 AM 0
The schedule information provided above is based on data supplied by third parties, including the airlines operating at Gladstone Airport. Please note that this information is subject to change. We strongly advise you to verify the details directly with your airline to ensure that you have the most up-to-date arrival and departure information at your disposal.

Arrivals Information


While waiting for your luggage, grab yourself a coffee from cafe ten28. There are also plenty of bathrooms located throughout the Terminal.

Luggage – Arrivals
If you’re traveling with checked luggage, it will be available to collect from the Baggage Carousels located in the Arrivals area. Trolleys are also available in this area, and to release it simply insert a gold coin. Make sure you return the trolley to retrieve your gold coin back.
Getting a lift?
The Public Pick Up zone is located outside the Terminal if you are being collected by friends or family. Remember some restrictions apply in this zone – the immediate area outside the airport is for drop offs and pickups and is monitored closely. The driver must stay with the car at all times.

Taxis meet every flight so there is no shortage of transport to get to your key destination whether you need just a lift for yourself or extended family.
Ride Share services like Uber and Private Transport Companies will meet you in front of the Departure/Check in area.

Parking – So close by…
Our parking is right outside the Terminal, and all less than a 200m walk (no need to wait for a bus or hike for ages!). We have Short term parking for our Day travellers and Long term parking for our overnight and longer flyers.
We have plenty of space so we don’t take bookings. Simply park, and either tap your Credit Card at the Entry or pull a ticket to enter. The same card can be used to tap at the exit and you can be on your way, otherwise use your ticket at our Pay Stations or at the exit machine. Receipts are available, just follow the prompts on the screen.
Car Park Fees and Payment
Standard charges apply. If you took a ticket to enter the car park, payment can be made at either one of the automatic pay stations located in the terminal building, or in the car park at the exit. Our payment options are Credit Card and Contactless Card Payments.
Picking up a Hire Car? Explore our region at your leisure
If you’re picking up a Hire Car, you’ll find all of the hire car operators located in the main foyer of the airport.
Pre-book your hire car, or when you arrive chat to our in-house assistants who are all based in the main terminal. We’re currently serviced by Avis, Budget, Hertz/Thifty, and Sixt, and there are great deals to be had when you fly with participating airlines.

Departures Information

Checking In
The check-in area is located in the Departures right side of the terminal. Make sure you have your ticket or booking reference number handy and proceed to your chosen airline’s counter or self-service kiosk. Before you arrive, it’s always a good idea to check luggage requirements with your chosen airline.
Getting to the Airport
There are numerous easy ways to get to the Airport, here are all the options. Don’t forget if you’re checking in luggage it’s recommended to arrive at the airport at least one hour before your flight and with carry-on luggage it’s 30 minutes.
Trolleys are also available on the sidewalk outside the Check-In area, and to release them simply insert a gold coin. Make sure you return the trolley to retrieve your gold coin back.
Luggage – Departures
In line with Commonwealth aviation security legislation, there are no luggage storage facilities provided at Gladstone airport.
be mindful that it is an offence to leave any baggage unattended in public areas at the airport. All baggage should be clearly tagged with your contact details.
For information relating to luggage check-in times and restrictions, please contact your airline directly.
Liquids, Aerosols & Gels
Don’t forget… for domestic flights you don’t have to separate or pack liquids, aerosols and gels in your checked luggage. So if you’ve got perfume, a jar of Vegemite or a bottle of water, don’t worry you can bring them on the plane in your carry-on luggage. You do need to separate any aerosols for the screening process, but they must be safe to fly with a lock on the spray mechanism.
Security Screening
Once you’ve checked-in you’ll proceed to the Security Screening point. Here you’ll pass through the Body Scanner and all your carry-on luggage will be x-ray screened. There’s also a random explosive trace detection process at this screening point.

For information about clearing airport security screening quickly and smoothly and other aviation security information, please visit the Australian Government’s travel security website.

​What you cannot take onboard – Prohibited Items in hand luggage.
For information about prohibited Items click here.

Volare Cafe and Bar
Whether it’s breakfast before a business trip, a snack before departure, or a coffee while you exchange goodbyes, the Volare Cafe and Bar has something for everyone.
Qantas Club Lounge
The QANTAS Club Lounge is located at the rear of the terminal Departures Lounge. After passing through the Security check point walk straight ahead towards the Gates and follow the signage.

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