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Tenants and Contractors

Contractors working at the Airport

Contractors working at the Gladstone Airport must advise the GAC Asset Maintenance team prior to attending site for works, regardless of who has engaged their services (eg GAC, airport tenant or airline). Standard airport security protocols apply in terms of area access and identification requirements.

Permit to work

GAC has a permit to work (PTW) system in place to control work activities on the airport premises. All work must be authorised using the permit system, including completion of the Permit to Work form at least 48 hours prior to work commencing. The nature and location of contractor work activities will determine additional permitting, access and supervision requirements.

Where isolation of electricity, water, gas or fire systems is necessary for the work activity, an Isolation Permit will be required.

Click link to Find: Permit to Work (PTW)

Airport Terminal Induction

The Airport Terminal Induction should be completed by any person working on the Gladstone Airport site. Ensuring completion of this induction is the responsibility of the employer.