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Gladstone Regional Council

Gladstone Regional Council acknowledges that all newcomers to the region, regardless of where they come from, are welcomed and encouraged to participate in community activities


Our community

Creating a sense of community and belonging is important for the heart and soul of our community and Council has purposefully invested in projects that improve both the social fabric of our community while creating a sense of belonging, ownership and pride. The Gladstone Region is as diverse as it is attractive, providing its population with an enviable lifestyle within a strong and dynamic economy. A strong retail and service sector within the modern urbanised city of Gladstone, together with major industry, tourism and primary production, provide abundant choice for workers and opportunities for business people. Balanced with large areas of green open space, including several national parks, historical sites, bush walks, trails and marine and recreational opportunities, residents have a wide choice to explore and experience the great outdoors.

These communities include the urban centres of Gladstone and Tannum Sands/Boyne Island, plus the smaller towns of Agnes Water, Ambrose, Baffle Creek, Benaraby, Bororen, Builyan, Calliope, Lowmead, Miriam Vale, Mount Larcom, Many Peaks, Nagoorin,  Raglan, Rosedale, Seventeen Seventy, Turkey Beach, Ubobo and Yarwun.

The Gladstone Region truly is a Region of Choice, offering a great place to live, work, play and invest.

The Gladstone Regional Council

Gladstone Regional Council’s goal is learning about the needs of our community and in future-proofing the organisation to deliver on them. In this way, it will meet community need in efficient and responsive ways by embracing innovation and taking a value for money approach to service delivery.

The strategic direction defined in our Corporate Plan 2018-2023 is set against the landscape of Council’s vision, “Connect. Innovate. Diversify.” These three intentions are woven throughout Council’s strategic goals and community commitments to create a strong fabric of community connectedness; an organisation whose culture is proudly defined by innovation and a region that celebrates the diversification of opportunities and lifestyle.

To that end, over the next five years Council will deliver nine strategic goals of:

  1. ​Engaged, involved and proud communities
  2. Healthy environment, healthy community
  3. Our people, our values
  4. Ethical and responsible government
  5. Outstanding customer service
  6. Smart asset management
  7. Operational excellence
  8. Grow the region
  9.  Smart investment

Of highest priority is the safety of our community, including our employees, with safety at the core of all that we do.